Babolat Hybrid Challenge Shuttlecocks


Want the best of both worlds? well you can with this hybrid Shuttlecock, Goose feathers on a nylon base with cork head. Get the flight of a feather with the durability of a Nylon shuttle, they truly are a game changer.

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Babolat Hybrid Challenge Shuttlecocks. These shuttles are the perfect compromise between high flight quality and durability. A hybrid structure that guarantees a quality shuttlecock with optimal playability and with the durability of plastics.  It features a 3 part structure with a cork head and a synthetic nylon base on which feathers are inserted. This is a combination of true genius and gives the shuttlecock stability, durability and a precise flight. Ideal for those club nights.

Shuttlecocks which have true resilience and a longer life cycle due to their Nylon base which gives greater protection. You can enjoy better rallies with a shuttle that flies like a feather thanks to its innovative structure.

Change the game with this Hybrid Shuttle, its cheaper and more durable than conventional feathers. Get yours now

Technical Specifications
  • Head – Cork Head
  • Skirt – Synthetic nylon base
  • Feather – Natural Goose feathers
  • quality of flight – AB
  • Made in China
  • Speed – 78

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