Babolat X-Feel Origin Lite Badminton Racket

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Babolat X-Feel Origin Lite Badminton Racket, A great mid price defensive frame weighing in at 83g

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Babolat X-Feel Origin Lite Badminton Racket. A well priced mid range frame The X-Feel Origin is the racquet that corrects inaccuracies to help you improve. Check out the X-Feel Origin Lite designed for intensive play: imparting speed to your play without compromising on precision. Its balanced weight and flexible shaft let players retain full manoeuvrability, emphasising stroke speed: ideal for defensive play.

Carbon X-Trem technology gives the racquet optimal stroke control through total frame stability in the face of even the most extreme distortions.

The racquet’s frame was designed and created to offer increased stiffness to reduce distortions and give greater sensation during rallies.

Check out Carbon X-Trem technology. A denser grill for a stiffer racquet frame. Reduced frame distortion for optimal control of each movement. X-feel Tek is designed in the same moulds as our original X-Feel racquet, with a stiffer frame. Reduced distortion for greater sensation.

Technical Specifications
  • Player Typology – Defensive
  • Shaft – Flexible
  • Balance – -15 Even Balance/290mm
  • Weight – 83g
  • String Pattern – 20/21

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