Cricket Bat Repair

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Cricket Bat Repair

Cricket Bat Repair

Over time Cricket bats naturally occur all types of wear and tear from facial cracking, to edge and toe damage.

Here at ADV Sports we have offered cricket bat repair for over 10 years and have extensive experience of bringing life back to beloved bats.

We offer a range of repairs and refurbishments including re-facing, fitting toe guards and sorting minor crack damage.

As every bat repair is as different as the marks on your trusty bat please contact us for more details on… or 07870 377 864 


Toe Guard

Toe Guards

Crack Repair

Crack Damage

Cricket Bat Repair

General Cricket Bat Repair

Don't give up on the old girl yet. There's a ton of runs still to score.

Our bat repair service is one of the best you’ll find. Simply either post your bat to us or drop into our store and we’ll make sure next time you hit the field together that sweet spot will sing and these edges will shine.

Bat repairs can take a bit of time so be prepared to leave your bat with us a week or so (depending on type of repair) however if you need a quick fix you will find a range of repair accessories from toe guards, anti scuff and bat tape in our shop.

For more information on our online cricket bat repair service simply contact us.


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