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A full range of tennis Balls from Junior through to Senior.

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Babolat Gold All Court Tennis Balls


Babolat Gold All Court Tennis Balls, Ideal for everyday club training and Matches

Babolat Midi Green Junior Tennis Balls


Stage 1 Tennis balls which are 25% slower than regular pressurised balls, ideal for the developing Junior playing with 25/26″ Racket frames.

Tube of 3 balls


Babolat Mini Red Junior Tennis Balls

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £7.00.

Babolat Mini Red Junior Tennis Balls

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £7.00.

These Low Compression Tennis balls are ideal for small juniors starting out in Tennis. 75% slower than regular Tennis make it easier for juniors age 4-6 learning the game.

Babolat Team All Court Tennis Balls 4 ball tube


A high pressurised and highly durable Club level Tennis Ball which has high quality felt and delivers superior comfort levels.

Babolat Team Tennis balls


Babolat Team Tennis balls (4ball can) This is the top ball from Babolat suitable for all court surfaces.

Head Championship Tennis Balls 4 Ball Tube


Great for club training and all levels of tennis players this ball has extra thick wool felt and great durability.

Sold as 1 x 4ball tube

Head Midi Green Tennis Balls


Head Midi Green Tennis balls are the next stage for Juniors age 9-11 before transitioning to full compression Tennis balls

Head Mini Orange Tennis Balls


Head Mini Orange Tennis Balls which are 50% slower and ideal for Juniors age 8-9

Head Tour Tennis Balls


Head Tour Tennis Balls, The choice of many Pro tournaments over the years and now has Smartoptik Felt

4 Ball tube

We offer a Full range of Tennis Balls in all grades from Mini Red Junior through to full Compression Senior Match Balls.

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