Hockey Shin Pads

Hockey Shin Pads, A vital piece of equipment needed in the modern game. Brands include Grays, Kookaburra, Adidas and more.

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Grays G600 Hockey Shinguards


A Lightweight Shingaurd with a Polymer shell and Foam Inner Lining for comfort. Suitable for all levels of play.

Grays G700 Pro Shinguards


Twin straps along with a mesh finish on the front of these shin guards help secure the pad in place while a sculptured Shell gives excellent all-round protection.

Grays G700 Shinliner


With Lycra Construction for comfort these Liners will keep your shin guards from rubbing and causing skin irritation.

Grays G800 Hockey Shinguards


Grays G800 Hockey Shinguards, a Super lightweight Guard with an excellent protection level.


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