Senior Hockey Sticks

A great range of Senior Hockey Sticks across 36.5″ and 37.5″ sizes suitable for all levels of play.

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Grays GR4000 Dynabow Hockey Stick


This is the entry level stick from the GR range and is perfect for the advancing Hockey player who requires feel and control.


Grays GR5000 Jumbow Hockey Stick


Grays GR5000 Jumbow Hockey Stick, one of the more popular in the range with Graphene Technology


Grays GX 2000 Dynabow Hockey Stick


The Dynabow blade profile has a gradual bow which is good for executing both core skills and developing 3D skills.


Grays GX1000 Ultrabow Senior Hockey Stick


A great entry level Composite Hockey Stick ideal for those who are new to the game and looking to improve.


Grays GX3000 Ultrabow Hockey Stick


Grays GX3000 Ultrabow Hockey Stick , A great mid range Carbon stick with GX Technology.


Grays ZW7 Jumbow Hockey Stick


Grays ZW7 Jumbow Hockey Stick, The signature Model of Zach Wallace

Limited Edition


Kookaburra Aurora Lbow 1.0 Hockey Stick


with a reinforced edge for durability and robustness, this low bow stick is a great stick for 3d skills and aerials.


Kookaburra Envy Mbow Hockey Stick


With dual Core Technology this Entry level Kookaburra stick is great for Juniors or those new to Hockey.


Kookaburra Hornet Lbow-X Hockey Stick


With a host of features this stick is perfect for the attacking player. Because of its extreme low bow the Hornet is ideal for performing drag flicks and aerials, whilst Energy groove assists with passing and increases ball speed.


Kookaburra Phyton Hockey Stick


Kookaburra Phyton Hockey Stick is an excellent value entry level Carbon Stick with Low bow shape


Kookaburra Shadow Lbow Ext 2.0 Hockey Stick


Perfect for 3d skills, this Extreme 2.0 low bow with 70% carbon is the ultimate attacking stick.


Kookaburra Storm Mbow Hockey Stick


This entry level stick from Kookaburra is perfect for Juniors and those starting out in Hockey.


Kookaburra Team Spirit Hockey Stick


The Kookaburra Team Spirit Stick is the top of the line and boasts 98% Carbon along with Innegra Reinforcement.

Size 37.5L


Kookaburra Team X22 Hockey Stick


Kookaburra Team X22 Hockey Stick has a host of features which include 98% Carbon,  Innegra Reinforcement and Soft feel Resin


Kookaburra Thorn Mid Bow Hockey Stick


The Thorn Mbow 2.0 is a superb entry level Carbon stick with a host of features. Ideal for beginners to intermediate players in any position on the pitch. Dual Core Technology allows for a more stable stick adding more power and control.


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