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A full range of Tennis accessories from shock dampners to grips.

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Babolat Aero Damp


Babolat Aero Damp. The ideal accessory to get rid of those unwanted racket vibrations.

Babolat Custom Damp


Babolat Custom Damp, a customizable Dampener with removable inner.

Babolat Flash Damp


Babolat Flash Damp, takes the vibration out of your frame and matches the Pure Drive range

Babolat Strike Damp


Babolat Strike Damp. Easy to install, their shape perfectly hooks the strings to the centre of your racquet for ideal support of your dampeners.

Babolat Vamos Shock Dampeners


A great little tool to add to your strings which will help reduce shock vibrations through the frame.

Babolat Vibrakill Shock Dampener – Increase absorption


Looking for a tennis dampener that provides extreme comfort, then look no further!  By contacting more strings than a traditional dampener, the Vibrakill offers maximum vibration absorption, for softer feel on every shot.


D3 Athletic Sports Tape

Original price was: £8.00.Current price is: £6.00.

AST Tape is a great lightweight sports tape ideal for all types of minor injuries that require strapping.


D3 K6.0 Kinesiology Tape

Original price was: £14.00.Current price is: £12.00.

With superb stretch qualities and extra adhesion. K6.0 tape is the ultimate sports injury tape which will take pressure off over used muscles and help alleviate swelling.


D3 Rigid Strapping Tape

Original price was: £8.00.Current price is: £7.00.

RST Tape is ideal for all high impact sports, it is stronger and has higher adhesion qualities to most other tapes.

Gamma Lead Tape


Gamma Lead Tape 0.25″ x 72″

Self adhesive lead strips ideal for weighting up your frame 0.25g per inch

A full range of Tennis accessories in stock from shock dampners to Tennis Grips, a large range of Tennis Strings and more.


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