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JD online Racket re-Stringing

Here at JD Stringing we have over 20 years experience in racket re-stringing. We cater for all types of Racket re strings from Tennis, Squash, Badminton or Racketball. All of our restrings are done on our state of the art Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine for an exact and precise re-string. At JD Stringing most of our re strings are done on a same day service as standard (at Busy times may be up to 48hours)

Before each restring we carefully examine your racket for any damage that may effect your racket restring. This can be minor hairline cracks in the frame or broken grommets (these are the plastic strips that sit in your frame and protect your strings and are also replaceable) If we find any such damage we will contact you before proceeding with your restring.

Online racket re-stringing

If you are posting your Racket to us please make sure you use a suitable Tracked Service to ensure its safe arrival.

We aim to turnaround your Re-string within 48 hours but please specify if you have a specific time line 

We are happy to order any specific string requirements you may have if they are not listed on our site.

If you need any information or want us to talk you through your restring requirements please email us at james@advsports.co.uk or phone us on 07870 377 864 

Hybrid Tennis Strings

Tennis racket stringing for power

Tennis Strings for Power

Squash Strings

Tennis racket stringing for spin

Tennis Strings for Spin

Badminton Strings

Tennis racket stringing for control

Tennis Strings for Control

Which string will help my game?

Different strings effect your game in different ways. If you have a coach they will be able to advise you on the best string for your playing style.

If you’d like to find out more about the effect of strings and tensions you’ll find more reading below. Take advantage of our online tennis racket stringing service today.

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Racket Handle re gripping service

Fitting new grips can be a bit tricky!

Here at JD Stringing we are happy to re fit new grips for you whether it be an Overgrips or Replacement Grips. Just bob your Racket in to store.

Current Grip size of your Racket too Small?

At JD Stringing we have a specific Grip build up system where we strip down your original grip and then heat shrink a new sleeve on and then put a new grip back on, this builds your grip up an exact grip size (1/8”) and maintains a firm feel unlike just adding more grips on which doesn’t build up correctly and also can make your Handle too spongy which in turn makes you squeeze the handle too tightly and cause Tennis Elbow.

Please contact us for more details.


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