Kookaburra Team Spirit Hockey Stick


The Kookaburra Team Spirit Stick is the top of the line and boasts 98% Carbon along with Innegra Reinforcement.

Size 37.5L

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Kookaburra Team Spirit Hockey Stick. This top of the line Stick has a 98% carbon content and features state of the art Forged Carbon. This results in a extreme strength and a highly desirable aesthetic.

Size 37.5L

  • Profile: LBow 1.0 – Our L Bow 1.0 profile offers our most streamlined head shape ever which assists with touch and feel without comprising power potential.. (Optimum Point 24.75 mm @ 265mm)
  • Construction: Dual Core
  • 98% Carbon
  • The Team Spirit is constructed with Forged Carbon – using small pieces of carbon that are pressed into shape as the resin cures. What results is a stick that contains higher fibre volume content than traditionally made models, increasing strength, and providing a highly desirable aesthetic.
  • Innegra Reinforcment: Extremely durable and impact resistant. Lightest fibre commercially available in the world today.
  • SFR: Soft Feel Resin which penetrates into micro fibres to enhance exquisite feel and unparalleled durability
  • KCF: The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in superb feel, control and agility
  • Grip: X-Orb. The very latest in shock absorption material which has been bonded to handle of the stick. Designed to aid overall playability on high carbon models

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