Roberto College Pro Cover Table Football


Roberto College Pro Cover Table Football, Superb, Sturdy and with a Glass covered top

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Roberto College Pro Cover Table Football

Created with the same style and materials as the ‘College Pro’, the ‘College Pro Cover’ has been created with the safety of its players in mind though the implementation of an Unbreakable Glass Cover. The cover has been added to ensure that no player can put their hand within the playing field and remove the ball. An added benefit of the cover is the reduction of noise during the game play.

The Roberto College Pro Cover Table Football has also been created with non-protruding Telescopic Rods to ensure the rods do not come out of the table during play, the model also complies with the European Toy Safety Directives.


  • Construction:  Multi-layered poplar 25 mm with melamine coating
  • Playing Surface: 5 mm tempered glass with plasticized green playfield paper and white lines (dims: 111 x 70 cm)
  • Playing Dimensions: 110cm x 134cm x 90cm
  • Table Leg:  Anodized aluminium
  • Table Feet:  Foot 80x80mm with a rubber insertion
  • Table Rod’s:  Telescopic diam. 18mm
  • Table Rod Handel: Professional Red/blue
  • Colour:   Blue with Red/Blue figures
  • Weight: 69.30KG
  • Code: 51006
  • P1: 54” x 31” x 11” (138cm x 80cm x 29cm)



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