Dunlop Speed Attack Padel Racket

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Dunlop Speed Attack Padel Racket

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Dunlop Speed Attack Padel Racket. A fantastic Padel Racquet with a host of features including aeroframe.

Hotmelt construction with Aeroframe technology at the base of the frame for increased manoeuvrability and faster swing speeds for more power.

Oversize headshape for a wide sweetspot and Extra Grip technology for increased spin and more penetrating shots.

Transform your game
Get superior performance thanks to a super-thin layer of pure graphite with an amazing strength to weight ratio for superior performance in all shots.

Speed up your game
Aerodynamic frame geometry at the base of the bat generates increased swing speed on attacking shots and permits quicker reaction time on defensive shots.

Put more spin on your shots
Pack a more penetrating punch thanks to a rough finish on the bat’s surface, giving you more spin effect.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight – 365g
  • Head Shape – Round
  • Balance – even
  • Beam – 38mm
  • Frame – Graphite
  • Core – Pro EVA

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