Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite Padel Racket

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Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite Padel Racket. A good solid Head Heavy bat made from 100% Carbon Materials.

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Dunlop Inferno Carbon Elite Padel Racket. A superb bat for the Serious Player! made from 100% Carbon Materials for more durability and a great balance for more power and accuracy.

Get a better balance due to the power and control provided by the new Dunlop Inferno Elite padel racket, made tear-shaped for versatile advanced games.

Manufactured with 100% carbon materials which make it more durable and lasting to enjoy your games without limits. Integrated with a nucleus with pro-Eva rubber of medium density impregnated in rubber that gives a comfortable and precise track performance for all types of players.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight – 360g
  • Balance – High, Head Heavy
  • Head Shape – Teardrop
  • Beam – 38mm
  • Construction – Carbon

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