Babolat Vibrakill Shock Dampener – Increase absorption


Looking for a tennis dampener that provides extreme comfort, then look no further!  By contacting more strings than a traditional dampener, the Vibrakill offers maximum vibration absorption, for softer feel on every shot.

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Suffering from Tennis Elbow? this Babolat Vibrakill Shock Dampener / Vibration Dampener is ideal to help take some of the shock and vibration out of your shots.

A dampener is a small device that attaches to the strings of a tennis racket to reduce the vibration that occurs when hitting the ball. Some players use dampeners to increase comfort, prevent tennis elbow, or change the sound of their shots.  This Babolat Vibrakill silicone damper comes in white. Apart from reducing the vibrations in the racket when you strike the ball this will have no noticeable effect on racket performance.

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