Babolat Pure Strike 26 Junior Tennis Racket

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Babolat Pure Strike 26 Junior Tennis Racket, New for 2024 this is the Generation 4 of the Pure Strike. Ideal for the competitive Junior.

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Babolat Pure Strike 26 Junior Tennis Racket. Brand new for 2024 the Generation 4 of the Pure Strike is ideal for those Juniors seeking power with control.

is your child between 1.40 m and 1.50 m tall? Does your child play tennis competitively and like to hit the ball with confidence? The Pure Strike Jr 26 is perfect for helping your child control the trajectory of the ball and provides stability with every strike.


Want to hit the ball with confidence? The new Babolat Pure Strike 26 is specially designed to give you even more control with every stroke. With its hybrid beam, tighter string pattern and softer frame, the new Pure Strike gives you unrivalled control. You can fully engage with the ball and take control of the game.


Do you like to feel the connection between your hands and your racquet at the moment of impact? Like an extension of your arm, the new Babolat Pure Strike 26 will give you pure feel because of strategically placed flax fibres (in the handle) and SMAC patches (in the frame at 3 and 9 o’clock). Natural flax fibres filter out unwanted vibrations and create a softer sound at impact.

  • NF2 Tech – The addition of natural flax fibers located at 3/9h of the racquet’s sieve provide optimal vibration filtration for a clean feel upon impact. Flax also generates a muted sound for an even more controlled feel.
  • SWX Pure Feel – This viscoelastic material, made with SMAC technology, is integrated into the composition of the racket and results in a revolutionary anti-vibration system that increases the feel and sound upon impact.
  • FSI Control – Frame String Interaction Control is a technology that combines a tighter string pattern (for more control) with the Woofer system (which increases contact time between the ball and the strings for more feel).
  • Control Frame Technology – This technology, developed for maximum control, combines the stability of a square frame with the dynamism of a standard elliptical frame.
Technical Specifications
  • Size – 26″
  • Weight – 250g
  • Head Size – 100sq in/645cm
  • Swing Weight – 240
  • Stiffness – 65ra
  • Balance – 320mm
  • String Pattern – 16/19

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