Babolat I-Pulse Lite Badminton Racket


Aimed at the defensive player this racket is ultra-fast and manoeuvrable weighing in at 83g

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Babolat I-Pulse Lite Badminton Racket. Unleash your potential with this great mid-range racket from Babolat. Ideal for entry into competitions this frame has a host of features. If you want to power boost your game, you will get this thanks to the aero frame technology, which has aerodynamic frame with scalable sections.

You will get precision along with power as we have created the perfect compromise. This is down to an optimum kick point technology and a flex point higher up the shaft which guarantees perfect precision. Because of the unique flexibility of the shaft, it allows you to refine the precision of each of your strokes. Set your shots up and hit winners! that is what this frame is all about and coming it at 83g it is an ideal weight for that perfect manoeuvrability.

For defensive club players, I-Pulse Lite is the ideal weapon for your first competitions. It combines control and precision for full sensation during play and is head light with a medium shaft.

  • Optimum Kick Point
  • Ultra-Aero Frame
Technical Specifications
  • Weight – 83 grams
  • Player typology – Defensive
  • Flex – Medium
  • Balance – 285mm
  • Balnace type – -17 Head Light
  • String Pattern – 22/23
  • Composition – High Modulus Graphite

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