Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 Tennis Racket

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Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 Tennis Racket, re worked the new evo strike is more forgiving at 290g and with a 102sq in Head size.

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Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 Tennis Racket. New and upgraded for 2024 this has a slightly larger head size of 102sq in which makes the frame more forgiving.

Having fun, challenging yourself and getting a good workout are how you want to feel when you’re playing tennis. That’s why we’ve developed the latest generation Evo Strike to meet your needs perfectly and to support your progress in the game. We have reworked the frame of this tennis racquet to provide the perfect balance between power and comfort on every stroke.

Its slightly heavier weight (290 g instead of 280 g) and signature construction combining the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of an elliptical structure will give you greater ball control on every shot.

Finally, the sleek, modern design of the Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 tennis racquet lets you perform with style on the court.

All Evo tennis racquets are pre-equipped with the Syntec Evo grip, whose velvety feel and soft grip provides maximum comfort.

Easy Power

You told us you wanted more power for your game. So, we made a tennis racquet just for you, and have designed the “easy power” concept. With its new construction and a 660 cm² head size, the Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 makes it easy to hit powerful shots deep into your opponent’s side of the court.


Because the comfort of your racquet is of paramount importance to you, we have equipped the Evo Strike tennis racquet with C² Evo Feel anti-vibration technology. Integrated into four strategic locations on the racquet, it provides unrivalled comfort with every stroke.


Power counts, but it’s useless if you don’t have enough control over the ball. The Babolat Evo Strike Gen2 tennis racquet features Control Frame Technology, combining the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of standard elliptical construction. This gives you all the control and precision you need.

  • Woofer System – The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.
  • Control Frame Technology – The Evo Strike frame retains its signature construction, combining the stability of a square frame with the dynamism of an elliptical frame to generate more control and precision, shot after shot. The frame sections in the core area have been streamlined to make your shots sharper in the backcourt.
  • C2 Evo Feel – A cutting-edge technology incorporated in four different locations in the racquet for increased shock absorption and unrivalled comfort on every shot.
  • Flex Adapt – Added flexibility, adapted specifically to each area of the frame, maximizes comfort during play. Extra flexibility in the shaft reduces impact intensity and provides a more comfortable feel when making your shot.
Technical Specifications
  • Weight – 290g
  • Head Size – 102sq in/660cm
  • Swing Weight – 280
  • Stiffness – 70ra
  • Balance – 320mm
  • String Pattern – 16/19
  • Beam – 23/24/23

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