Babolat Duo Replacement Grips


As used by Rafa himself! A Combination of Syntec Pro Replacement Grip and VS Original Overgrips. This Combination gives you the perfect feel and control of your grip. With the firm feel of the Syntec and then the VS overgrip on top. The thinnest overgrip in the range.

Contains 1 x Black Syntec Pro Grip and 3 x VS Overgrips, Yellow, Black and White

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Babolat Duo Replacement Grips. Wonder what Rafa’s secrets are? We can share one with you: the combination of the Syntec Pro replacement grip with VS Original overgrip which provides the ideal blend of feel and absorption. Rafa has trusted this recipe for years. Now it’s your turn to discover it.


No more slippery hands. The thin non-woven layer inside the overgrip enables a very fast sweat absorption. Hence, you will be able to play each point with full confidence knowing your racquet won’t slip out of your hand.


With this combination, we made sure you can feel every grip contour of your racquet for a perfect connection with it. The VS Original is one of the thinnest overgrips within our range.

Pack Contains 1 x Syntec Pro Grip and 3 x VS Original Overgrips

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