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JD Stringing Racquet Stringing is our complete Re stringing service for all types of Racquets. Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Racquetball

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Ashaway Ultra Nick 17 Full Re String


Zyex Multifilament Core increases power and resilience Zyex Multifilament Core …

Ashaway Ultra Nick 18 Full Re String


Zyex Multifilament Core increases power and resilience Zyex Multifilament Core …

Ashaway Zymax 64 TX Badminton Re String


This thinner gauge Zymax string from Ashaway enhances speed and generates repulsion power. The textured coating gives extra feel.

Ashaway Zymax 68 TX Badminton Re String


A great Multifilament String with a Textured Coating that enhances feel and Zy Weave which maintains Tension.

Babolat RPM Power Full Re String


Get more pop out of your shots with the RPM Power, ideal for long and fast strokes.

All re strings are taken out on our Wilson Baiardo Electronic Stringing machine for an exact and precise re-string. Recommended Tension for this string for best performance is 48-52lbs.

Babolat RPM Rough Full Re-string


Babolat RPM Rough Full Re String, 1.25 gauge a perfect string for those who want to add more Spin to their game.

we aim to turn your re string around within 24-48 hours

Here at JD Stringing Racquet Stringing, we have over 20 years experience in racket re-stringing. We cater for all types of Racket re strings from Tennis, Squash, Badminton or Racketball. All of our restrings are done on our state of the art Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine. One of the best machines on the market this gives an exact and precise re-string. At JD Stringing most of our re strings are done on a same day service as standard (at Busy times may be up to 48hours)

Before each restring we carefully examine your racket for any damage that may effect your racket restring. This can be minor hairline cracks in the frame or broken grommets (these are the plastic strips that sit in your frame and protect your strings and are also replaceable) If we find any such damage we will contact you before proceeding with your restring.


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