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Grays Anatomic Pro Hockey Glove


A high density open palmed glove with Armour protection in the Knuckles

Left Hand.

Grays Cushion Hockey Grip


A great replacement grip which is well cushioned, super tacky with a non slip finish.

Grays Flash 3.0 Hockey Shoes


A great mid range Hockey Shoe to suit all levels of player. ideal for Synthetic pitches and Water based.

Grays G100 Hockey Stickbag


Grays G100 Hockey Stickbag with front accessories pocket.

Grays G1000 Hockey Stickbag


A perfect Entry level Stick bag which has room for other gear as well.

Grays G3000 Hockey Kitbag


Grays G3000 Hockey Kitbag, A great mid size bag with room for 3-4 Sticks


Grays G5000 Hockey Kitbag


If you need a large kit bag to get all your gear in then this is the one! Various large compartments as well as a separate stick section which holds up to 4 sticks.

Grays G600 Hockey Shinguards


A Lightweight Shingaurd with a Polymer shell and Foam Inner Lining for comfort. Suitable for all levels of play.

Grays G700 Pro Shinguards


Twin straps along with a mesh finish on the front of these shin guards help secure the pad in place while a sculptured Shell gives excellent all-round protection.

Grays G700 Shinliner


With Lycra Construction for comfort these Liners will keep your shin guards from rubbing and causing skin irritation.

Grays G75 Hockey Stickbag


Grays G75 Hockey Stickbag, A great starter stick bag with extra storage

Grays G800 Hockey Shinguards


Grays G800 Hockey Shinguards, a Super lightweight Guard with an excellent protection level.


Grays GR4000 Dynabow Hockey Stick


This is the entry level stick from the GR range and is perfect for the advancing Hockey player who requires feel and control.


Grays GR5000 Jumbow Hockey Stick


Grays GR5000 Jumbow Hockey Stick, one of the more popular in the range with Graphene Technology


Grays GX 2000 Dynabow Hockey Stick


The Dynabow blade profile has a gradual bow which is good for executing both core skills and developing 3D skills.


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